Global Media Group Limited Liability Company was established in 2017. The organization's main activity is the management of the companies that are part of it. Global Media Group includes TV channels, news and media agencies, websites, newspapers, and other companies providing services in Azerbaijan and abroad.

Global Management LLC, established in 2020, is successfully working in outsourcing.

The main activities of the company cover finance, management, accounting, marketing, information technologies, human resources and other areas. Global Management LLC applies international experience and uses efficient analysis of business processes.

Haber Global TV has been operating as a nationwide news channel in Türkiye since 2018.

The channel has won the sympathy of a broad audience with its news broadcasts and programs. The website is one of the leading news portals in Türkiye.

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Oxu.Az news portal has been operating since 2013.

It aims to provide prompt coverage of the most-recent developments both in Azerbaijan and abroad. The website prepares news, analytical articles, and photo and video reports in two languages.

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Baku TV has been operating as a news channel since 2018.

Its main goal is to cover the main news in and beyond Azerbaijan. Baku TV has bureaus in all regions of Azerbaijan, as well as in the US, Russia, Türkiye, Georgia and Ukraine.

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Report News Agency is one of the major news agencies in Azerbaijan.

Report provides information in three languages on local and global socio-political and economic developments. The agency has offices in Türkiye, the US, Russia, France and Ukraine.

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BAKU.WS news agency was established on January 5, 2004.

The agency's main goal is to bring global and local news to its audience. In a short time, BAKU.WS has earned the sympathy and trust of readers and has become a reliable media outlet in Azerbaijan.

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The web portal, a part of the Global Media Group, has been operating since 2018., one of Azerbaijan's leading news portals, publishes news in Russian. The portal covers the most important current events and enjoys a wide readership.

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The "Каспий" (Kaspii) newspaper was first published in 1881 and lasted until 1919.

The publication was relaunched in 1999. Now, "Каспий" is a weekly socio-political 16-page newspaper in Russian, with a circulation of 2000 copies.

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The portal offers high-quality photos on a wide range of topics. Photobank users are offered exclusive images.

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Kaspi is one of the oldest newspapers in Azerbaijan. The newspaper started its publication in 1881 in Russian.

The paper resumed publishing in 1999. Now, Kaspi is printed weekly on 16 colored pages with a modern design in the Azerbaijani language.

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The Global Analytics Information Center (Global Analytics) is a non-profit media monitoring association established in May 2020.

The Center tracks Azerbaijan-related analytics across various media outlets in different languages.

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